What is Equity Release?

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What can Equity Release be used for?

Equity release allows you to access the value held up in your home and turn it into money you can spend as you wish.

How much equity you can release depends on your age, how much your property is worth and how much you choose to borrow.

People over 55 often have little or no outstanding mortgage and lots of value tied up in their home.

Many others have an interest-only mortgage and no way of repaying it.

Equity release could help in either of these situations:

  • Release cash from your home without moving out;
  • Receive your cash as a lump sum, as an income or both;
  • Can usually be used for any legal purpose’
  • No need to make monthly repayments (but some providers give you the option);
  • Plans are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA);
  • We only advise on plans from providers who are members of the Equity Release Council.

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